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The Dirty Drafting Book Series

Dirty Drafting: Draft your way into a finished novel and a consistent writing habit. An overview of the dirty drafting process and lifestyle that will help you reach the unique goals in your own writing journey.


Dirty Drafting: Conquering the Query Letter: Writing a query letter doesn’t need to be discouraging. It can be an enjoyable and indispensable part of your book writing process, while attracting the attention of industry experts. Here we’ll share the steps to do that.


Dirty Drafting: The Mary Shelley Formula: Constraints are an essential part of creativity, and Mary Shelley’s writing of Frankenstein is a perfect model for how writers can use boundaries as an advantage to help inspire new ideas and strengthen stories.


The Dirty Drafting Workbook: A workbook chock full of prompts, guided questions, and worksheets for taking your novel from idea to completion—the dirty drafting way!

Have you ever wanted to write a book but weren't sure where to start?

Or made some progress but lost energy or excitement for the project before you could finish?

This series includes everything you need to get started making your author dreams a reality.

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