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Cici leaves Salem, America’s most haunted city, in pursuit of a PhD and academic proof that death isn’t as final as her mortician training would have her believe.


But when a shady new funeral home threatens her family’s business, she returns home and takes a side job at Witches’ Lore Haunted Tours to keep her quest alive.


As Cici unlocks a secret history surrounding the Witch Trials and the spirits of Salem’s legends begin hunting her, she quickly learns that coming face to face with ghosts of the past isn’t exactly the thrill ride she’d imagined.


Dirty drafting, or rapidly getting your ideas and story down in a quick, loose, and messy draft forces us to move on and not dwell on mistakes, be less critical of our writing, be better at planning ahead, and maintain our enthusiasm for the project beyond the honeymoon phase of the first few chapters.

Whether it’s a kickstart to finish that idea you’ve been tossing around or to get out of your head and write better books more frequently, Dirty Drafting will give you the help you need to draft a novel in ways that are a lot less painful to ensure a book relationship that’s worth the commitment.

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